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Real Estate

Romania is now enjoying a soaring investment market. Through Romaniaís entrance into the EU, land, apartments and homes have become compelling long-term investment objects. A notary public and entry into the land registry provide legal security at contract closing. Gains on investments exceed the Austrian and German average in comparable locations -- for example, in developed commercial zones alongside primary traffic routes. Demand for downtown apartments and offices are increasing. Many West European companies are already taking advantage of the investment friendly climate of this country.

  • We ease your entry into the Romanian real estate market and offer you a tailor made real-estate search.

  • Whether you are in search of an apartment or house, commercial property or a condominium, a plot of land or a vacation home: take advantage of our contacts and our realistic pricing in the Caraş-Severin region including the regionís capital Resita for optimal gains on your investment.

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