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Capital Investment

Romania has earned a solid reputation for its high standards in the banking industry. In building standards and technology, Western European standards have already been reached.

The interest rate for investments in a savings account in RON (the new Romanian Leu) is at 7% with a binding period of one month and approximately 8% for a year. Investments in Euro, Dollar and Swiss Franc are currently assessed at 4% per year.

Account statements and all documentation necessary for these particular types of investments are consistent with Western banking standards and, along with the national language, are also issued in German or English. The well-trained bank personnel speak at least one of both languages. Tele banking, or E-banking, is also standardized, like the issuing of business credit cards.

  • We develop personal investment plans and establish relationships with banks that have earned our confidence. A strong relationship begins with an initial conversation we are available any time.

  • Of course, you can also invest your capital in real estate, which shows a considerably higher appreciation than comparable properties in Western Europe. See Real Estate.

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